The Minister of Manpower and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia Opened the 19th UI Career & Scholarship Expo

cdcMinister of manpower and transmigration Republic of Indonesia, Hanif Dhakiri opened UI Career & Scholarship Expo XIX, at Balairung of Universitas Indonesia. Together with The Rector of Universitas Indonesia, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Anis, M.Met., he also monitored the convention of the job fair that has been held by UI regularly .

Hanif welcomed the job fair as one of the efforts to connect the needs between the job seekers and employers. He said that the employment opportunities were still limited. In 2014, the employment increased by 2%, while the growth of labor force increased by 1,7%.

Based on BPS data on August 2014, the total of college graduates was 9,79%. The number was quite low compared to the elementary graduates which had 47,07% or compared to junior high school graduates which had 17,75%.

“This kind of initiative is really needed by the job seekers and the employers, as well as to open the opportunities to improve the human resources or the job seekers to enter the world of working,” he said.

UI Career & Scholarship Expo XIX 2015 was held for three days, from February 26th to 28th 2015. 76 companies and 11 scholarship institution participated on this event. On the first day, thousands of visitors from UI and the other colleges visited the expo. (AY/Humas UI)