Lecturer of Engineering UI Became Finalist at Rice Bowl StartUp Award 2015


Dr. Eng. Muhamad Sahlan, S.Si., M.Eng, one of lecturer of Chemical Engineering UI successfully became one of finalist of Rice Bowl StartUp Award 2015 with PT. Nano Biotek Indonesia label product. The announcement and appreciation night was held on October 14th to 16th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Nano Biotek is one of two chosen finalists from Indonesia that got appreciation in University Start Up category. Its main product is the using of Indonesian origin propolis in various health care media. PT. Nano Biotek is a startup company that is trying to produce propolis honey that contains smaller amount of water and tastes sweeter than any other similar product on market. The propolis is produced by the invention of Sahlan, which is bubbling vacuum evaporator tool that produce propolis honey with smaller amount of water and flavanoid contents of 1000-5000 ppm.

StartUp Award is the first ASEAN level appreciation for startup business developers. This appreciation is different than any other appreciation because it is focusing on business that utilize technology for nature, environment and ecosystem development. The appreciation divided into 6 categories, which are retail, media, digital/online, social entrepreneur, technology, product, service, innovation go-to-market, and women in business.

From about 300 startup companies that signed up in the event, 24 companies were chosen became finalist for each category. For university category, there were 3 company that were chosen to be finalist from over 50 startup companies from all over ASEAN universities.